Like the arid and dramatic desert terrain of his upbringing, Sergio Rodriquez’s work is bold and dynamic, complex and compelling, inclusive and transcendental.   His work has been featured in 16 national and international Solo Exhibitions, is housed in distinguished public collections throughout the country, and has been the subject of numerous compelling and insightful reviews and publications.

           Visionary, Symbolist, Religious & Expressionistic are terms applicable in describing his work.  More suiting would be a word encompassing all the essential attributes demarcated by these genres.  For his work is a fusion of such:  It emphasizes the physical act while documenting the existential struggle; it is intended to uplift the mind to the spiritual; it is intensely personal, private, obscure and ambiguous, employing mythological, dreamlike, and fantastical iconography to remain so; and, above all, it is Visionary- it seeks to explore and represent the mystical experience.

         About the impact of his upbringing and his aim he says:

         "I grew up in a magestic and mysterious desert engulfing two incredibly distinct worlds separated by a mere two hundred yards and a river.  One side seemed an endless landscape: majestic, wild, arid and rocky, with an inconspicuous little town nestled within.  The other side was a well carved out and heavily populated rising slope:  a foreign land marvelously pulsating with vibrant noise, color, and visual propaganda.  And that desert, where I grew up, offered me endless time; time to just watch things - watch their shape, color and texture, watch  their movement, and  watch how light and time transforms everything.

         From the point of view of a profession I can only hope I’m making something that gives back.  For, when I think about It, I can’t help but feel that this mysterious activity is mischievously throwing me for a spin, a spin that I want to be caught up in and from where I want to make works that perplex, awe, and inspire.

         As an individual I strive wholeheartedly to evolve consciously and spiritually, and in my work I set out to capture symbolic images that crystallize that yearning, I set out to capture images of the celebration, the struggle, the conquering, and the possibility. I aim to create such creatures when in my labyrinth, my dungeon, my laboratory – when inching along through the deep recesses of my mind, upon the operating table grinding the elixir stone.  Like the politician and the priest I intend to touch people with my work, like the voice in the desert I shout”.